Your degree is more affordable than you think. 

As a not-for-profit public university, our goal is to make your education affordable and obtainable. You have our word with our tuition guarantee, which means that once you enroll in a bachelor's or master's degree, your university tuition rate is locked throughout your program, and will never increase as long as you remain in classes and in good academic standing.

We also offer tuition planning for financial aid students as part of our admission process, so you can be sure that you have enough available funds to finish your degree.  

Undergraduate Tuition Rates
(Spring 2015)

Cost Per Credit: $350

Cost Per Course (3 credits): $1,050

Cost Per Degree:
(online bachelor's degree tuition rates vary based on your transfer credits)

  • Estimated with 90 transfer credits: $10,500
  • Estimated with 60 transfer credits: $21,000
  • Estimated with 30 transfer credits: $31,500

Graduate Tuition Rates
(Spring 2015)

Cost Per Credit: $500

Cost Per Course (3 credits): $1,500

Cost Per Degree:
(online master's degree tuition rates vary based on your admission status) 

  • Standard 36-credit program: $18,000
  • Provisional 39-credit program: $19,500

Member of the Armed Forces?

We’re a military friendly school that appreciates the sacrifices military servicemembers, veterans, and their families have made for our country, and we are proud to offer reduced military tuition rates.

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Corporate Affiliates Get Discounts Too

We work with hundreds of corporations and other organizations that have shown a commitment to providing educational opportunities for their employees. See if your company is listed to get a discount on our already low tuition rates. 

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The National Average Cost of College Tuition Increases 8% Every Year!

But now for some good news:  That's a number you don't have to worry about with CSU-Global's Tuition Guarantee.

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