You have options when it comes to paying for your education.

We understand that most students won't be paying their college tuition and fees directly "out-of-pocket." We're here to help you find the finances to make up your college tuition without drastically altering your already existing daily or weekly financial budget.

Here are a few different ways you can find money to help you pay for school.

For a more in depth view of financial policies and details, see our academic catalog.

Financial Aid

You may be eligible to receive monetary assistance to help cover the costs of your continued education, such as federal aid, grants, and student loans.

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Find information about institutional scholarships from CSU-Global or search for other scholarships. There is no harm in applying!

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Military and Veteran Benefits

We're a military friendly university, meaning we'll work to accept your military benefits and help cover the cost of your tuition.

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Paying on Your Own

Explore your payment preferences and learn more about how to handle tuition on your own. You can also change your payment preference if your financial situation changes.

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Employer Reimbursement

If you're already a working professional your company may offer tuition reimbursement to better your education and improve their workforce.

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Tuition Payment Policies

We understand life happens and finances change. We'll work with you as much as possible to keep you working toward your degree. Please review the Academic Catalog for all our financial services policies, including our refund, tuition appeals, and collections policies. New students should also review the tuition rates, tuition guarantee program, and available financial options to understand the help you can get paying for college.