Your education should increase your earning potential, not your monthly bills.

While “I can’t afford it right now” might be your biggest excuse for putting off your education, the truth is that you might not be able to get that higher paying job or promotion you’ve been waiting for without going back to school.

The value of your degree doesn’t mean that your investment in it should be taken lightly.

This is why you should consider choosing a university that wants to see you get to graduation instead of paying more tuition. One that answers to its students and not shareholders. CSU-Global is committed to delivering a quality education at an affordable price, and our university costs prove it.

Low Tuition Rates

Check out our standard, military, and affiliate tuition rates and see what you could be paying from your very first class until graduation. No surprise tuition hikes. No hidden student fees. No out-of-state charges.

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Tuition Guarantee

Once you are accepted into your program of choice, your cost of college won't change. With our Tuition Guarantee, your tuition rate is locked as long as you are enrolled.

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Financial Aid

You may qualify for grants, loans, and other federal financial aid options to help you pay for your educational expenses. As a fully accredited state university, we will work with you to select the financing option that is right for your current budget and keeps your future debt to a minimum

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Free classes! Sort of... CSU-Global offers a wide array of institutional scholarships to help new and returning students alike get that much closer to finishing their degree. Merit and need based scholarships are awarded every trimester and you may apply as soon as you are admitted to the university.

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Financial Planning Done Right

Our Tuition Guarantee means that if you know how many credits you need to complete, you will know how much your degree will cost. We conduct tuition planning as part of our admissions process to make sure you have the ability to finish your degree. If you are reaching the limit of your financial aid eligibility, we will help you earn credits through alternative means to be sure that you can graduate.

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