You’re going back to school because you’re committed to your success. So are we.

Learning in a 100% online environment doesn't mean you’re going it alone. Far from it, actually. In addition to the support you’ll receive from your instructors and your classmates, CSU-Global’s student services will help you excel in the classroom and in your career.

As a CSU-Global student, you’ll have 24/7 access to live, expert tutors for every subject you study. Our librarian is here to help you navigate our extensive online library, and to advise you on your research. And when you’re ready to change careers or look for a better job in your current field, we’re here with career coaching, job search advice, and resume builders and critiques. Every step of the way, from your first class to your growing career, you’ll have all of the support you need.

Career Services

At CSU-Global you get more than an education; you get extended guidance and support all throughout your job hunt. Your degree was one goal. Your career is your next. Take a look at how we work to help you achieve both.

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Our library is more than just a reference desk. It's an all-day, every-day, unlimited resource for your continuing education. Explore what we have to offer. Just make sure you set aside some time...

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It Means Something to Be the First

Did you know that Colorado State University-Global Campus was the first fully-accredited, 100% online university? It's true, and we've only gotten bigger and better with each passing year. Learn more about the history, mission, and values of this exciting, innovative online school.

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Technical Support

As with any kind of technology, you may experience an unexpected hiccup at some point in your academic journey. But we're always available, 24 hours every day, to keep things running smoothly, and to respond as soon as you get in touch to report the problem.

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Since you'll be attending courses from your own computer in your own space, one-on-one tutoring isn't really an option, right? Wrong. You'll never be left adrift. If you find a class or an assignment too difficult to grasp, let us know. It's what we're here for.

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