CSU-Global's tuition rates are low, and we make sure they stay low.

We know that time isn't the only substantial investment when you're thinking about returning to school. There's also the matter of finances and college cost, and the fact that many of our students need to budget for the needs of their families as well.

For this reason, we go out of our way to make CSU-Global's tuition affordable, and to help you effectively manage your finances along the way.

Our college tuition rates are already lower than many comparable online degree programs, but in addition we have no out-of-state tuition fees. Our Tuition Guarantee also locks your low rates in place, so that they will never increase as long as you stay enrolled.

As a student at CSU-Global you will also receive up-front, no-cost tuition planning, during which we thoroughly evaluate your options for payment and ensure that you are moving forward in the most financially secure way possible. In addition, financial aid options – including grants, low-interest loans, military benefits, and more – are also available.

Our goal is to help you earn your degree in an affordable way, and we will do everything we can to make that happen.