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If you're an institution of higher education and looking to develop or expand your online presence, you'll want to take a look at CSU-Global's Institutional Resources.

From individual course creation to full scale strategic implementation, we can provide you with the digital learning platform that will benefit your school and your students most.

As an innovative leader in the field of online education, we are uniquely positioned to help you develop a successful online learning platform.

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The Evolving Field of Online Education

Online education as a field is still in its infancy, which is perhaps why so many institutions of higher learning struggle with it. Many of them, of course, treat it like a business, focusing on income over legitimate standards of education.  That's clearly problematic, but so is the mindset that leans too heavily on academics and not enough on sustainable logistics.

As the first 100% online, regionally accredited, public university in the United States, we can help you find that balance.

We Can Help

Whether you're looking for a complete overhaul of your current online educational offerings, the creation of a single course, or anything in between, we will help you to meet and exceed your school's specific objectives, laying the groundwork for you to become a respected and reputable name in the field of online education. 

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