Learning Centers in Asia

The CSU Global main campus in Asia, operated and managed by CEG, is located at the prime commercial area in Hong Kong. We are here to help improve your academic performance. We create a climate of collegiality and a sense of community and collaboration among students, faculty and staff in an environment that fosters and encourages creativity, growing independence and academic success. Our support center offer assistance with writing, study materials and technology.

Our Asia Learning Center can:

  • Schedule online faculty tutoring and course registration
  • Offer face-to-face tutorial and workshop to supplement online learning.
  • Provide study aids, writing assistance, time management, and online study strategies
  • Host real-time video course demo with CSU Global in the US to provide insight on online resources
  • Offer convenient and comprehensive writing quality reviews
  • Provide networking platform with other executives enrolled in the programs represented by CEG in Asia, including executive programs offered by Harvard, Stanford and University of Iowa.